10 Factors of Positive Longevity

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10 Factors of Positive Longevity 


Positive Longevity refers to our prevailing mindset and daily activities. Many of the ideas related to living longer and healthier lives come from observations of older adults living in Blue Zone communities around the world. These are locations where adults live longer with less chronic diseases and dementia. The Blue Zone communities include Okinawa, Sardinia, Nicoya (Costa Rica), Icaria (Greece), and Loma Linda, California. Here are the 10 Factors of Positive Longevity:

Nutrition – The key is eating mostly fresh organic food and select supplements that can fortify our daily nutritional needs. Good nutrition is not about perfection. It’s about moderation and consistency with good habits. It also involves being informed about new products that can contribute to our wellness. One good example in recent years is high quality broad-spectrum CBD products.

Exercise – The key is moving, being active and stretching regularly. Modest amounts of exercise can extend life expectancy by as much as five years. More vigorous exercise makes sense for more active adults. Charting your progress daily, weekly, monthly, and annually fosters motivation and is a key factor of positive longevity.

Humor – So, what’s so funny about getting older? Almost everything with the right attitude. Humor relates to feeling happy and secure in the moment. It’s about maintaining our perspective.

Relationships – Refers to the fulfillment that comes from caring about others and knowing other people care about us.

Faith – Faith establishes a sense of positive expectancy about our place in the world and the deeper meaning of life. One of the benefits of church fellowship is being part of a supportive community.

Self-Love – Refers to our regard for our own wellness, happiness, and peace of mind. It’s often expressed as compassion, dignity, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Gratitude – Feeling grateful is the glue that connects our thoughts, feelings, and positive expectations. Grateful people are more positive, resourceful, and resilient.

Purpose – Feeling a sense of purpose is worth up to seven additional years of life expectancy. Naturally, our sense of purpose changes as we mature.

Avocations – How we choose to spend our time provides mental stimulation and positive social connections. Having hobbies and other interests also stimulates our cognition and imagination and are an important but overlooked aspect of positive longevity. Even taking care of a beloved pet can be considered an avocation.

Resilience – We become more resilient when we help other people to feel more resilient.

*Please remember to talk to your health care provider before your start any exercise program or make changes to your lifestyle that can affect your health.




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