5 Predictions for CBD Industry in 2021

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A recent industry report notes five predictions for the CBD industry in 2021. These predictions are consistent with our research on current product trends.

Fewer Brands
The current CBD market features thousands of brands and the best organic CBD oil is extracted from domestically-grown organic hemp. It’s grown under strict conditions in rich pollutant-free soil, and many CBD companies cannot afford to grow, cultivate, and extract pollutants and chemicals from hemp extract. Because of higher standards, the report predicts a massive drop in brands during 2021. Natural Wellness Organics is one of the CBD companies in the USA that grows his own hemp on its family farm in Oregon.

More Regulation
A current issue for the CBD industry is the lack of federal regulation and this impacts on the quality of ingredients in CBD products. This means that various brands can make unverified claims about their products. More FDA regulations are expected in 2021. CBD is not a “cure” for anything, but research supports its use for a variety of ailments and conditions. The eBook CBD Naturally produced by Natural Wellness Organics explains what research says about CBD and 40 health conditions. 

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More Research
President Nixon signed the Controlled Substances Act into law in 1970, which resulted in hemp being grouped with harmful substances like cocaine. The stigma and criminalization the last five decades have undermined CBD research in the U.S. In 2018, the Agricultural Improvement Act provided regulations for the growth and cultivation of hemp. CBD research will continue to expand for the CBD industry in 2021 and improve now that hemp is no longer regarded to be a harmful drug. The CBD products from Natural Wellness Organics have zero THC. THC is the psychoactive compound from the cannabis plant. 

New Products
Product diversification will continue given how versatile CBD is a compound that can be added to many products. That diversity is apparent in the current mix of CBD products like tinctures, softgels, gummies and other edibles, topical ointments, chewing gum, and more. Smokable CBD known as hemp flower is a newer product. 

Education and Awareness
Many reputable CBD companies are dedicated to educating the public about the use of CBD. Our own eBook CBD Naturally explains how CBD works and it also presents what research says about CBD and 40 heath conditions. It’s available at no cost here.




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