6 Unconventional Tips for Living a Healthier Life

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6 Unconventional Tips for Living a Healthier Life

Our fast-paced society presents plenty of roadblocks to living a healthy life. That includes the constant temptation of unhealthy food options, and the drama of politics blaring on our phone, television, radio, and computer. Most experts focus on eating better and exercising more as the foundation for healthy living. Both nutrition and fitness made our list along with a few less conventional ideas.

Be Open to New Ideas – Humans do the same things over and over again because of our innate desire for predictability. This tendency can reinforce good and bad habits. The key is being self-aware enough to discern what bad habits need to be dropped, and what good habits need to be formed. A good example is the consumption of cannabinol (CBD). Some people have embraced CBD easily because they’re comfortable exploring its potential value. Other adults are reluctant to try CBD because its new and unfamiliar. Being open doesn’t mean you have to suspend being thoughtful and discerning. 

Learn about Mindfulness – Mindfulness refers to the mental process of bringing one’s attention to actual experiences in the present moment without judgement and angst. That’s the opposite of a mind full of thoughts and judgements about every occurrence and individual. The noise and clutter of a busy mind creates stress and anxiety. Mindfulness is a positive habit that helps us to be more focused and relaxed. The best way to develop mindfulness is to practice it a little bit every day. 

Reduce News Time – Sure, you want to stay informed, but that doesn’t mean you need to watch or listen to the news several hours a day. That’s a bad habit given that many news reports spark anger, fear, and confusion. Reading substantive articles and seeking a variety of news sources is a more effective approach. Spending less time following the news will also lower your blood pressure.

Hit the Mute Button – I told you the list was unconventional. More than a quarter of the time for a one-hour television news show features repetitive commercials selling products and services most of us don’t need right now. Plus, most commercials are louder than regular programming to make sure we don’t miss a second of the sales pitch. Sure, commercials help the media businesses earn billions of dollars, but this article is about your health and not their profits.

Eat Fresh Organic Foods – It’s true that organic food items are more expensive but reducing pesticides from your diet is a wise investment in your health and longevity. Save money buying produce at your local farmers market or a roadside food stand. Ask questions and read labels if you are purchasing your organic food items at a grocery store. 

Focus on Activities you Enjoy – Lifting weights and riding a stationary bike at the gym can become boring sometimes. A different approach is to focus more on doing activities that you enjoy or that you would like to master with practice. Examples include walking, hiking, biking, kayaking, windsurfing, swimming, tennis, golf, disc golf, basketball, dancing, or maybe pickleball.




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