Can CBD Reduce THC Dependency? 

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Can CBD Reduce THC Dependency? 

Studies indicate nearly half of people who quit using THC experience withdrawals, while other research suggests 9 percent of people who use THC will become dependent. A study at the University College London in the United Kingdom was designed to better understand the possible interplay between THC and CBD. 

According to the study published in the journal Lancet Psychiatry, prescription-grade CBD can help people quit their dependency on THC. Prescription grade CBD is much stronger than commercially available CBD. Even with the difference in potency, the results of the study expand awareness about the possible use of CBD to help people dealing with cannabis use disorder. 

In the double-blind randomized controlled trial involving 82 people, researchers discovered that the high concentration of CBD was helpful in reducing their dependency on THC compared to a second group using a placebo treatment. The participants had been diagnosed with moderately severe dependency on THC.

The group using CBD were given a daily dose of either 200 milligram (mg), 400mg or 800mg twice daily for four weeks. The placebo group was given sham capsules containing no CBD. Early on in the study, researchers ruled out the 200mg as ineffective. Regular urine tests noted the changing levels of THC during the 4-week trial period. All of the participants received counseling sessions designed to help them quit using cannabis, which took place before and during the study period.

The group taking 400 to 800mg of CBD saw their THC levels reduced. They were also more likely to abstain longer from using THC than the placebo group. THC is the compound in the cannabis plant that creates a psychoactive effect. Throughout the study, participants didn’t experience any kind of adverse events suggesting to the researchers that high quality, prescription CBD is safe for use.

Previous research found that CBD can reduce the cravings for THC, and it might also reduce mental health symptoms like anxiety which influences the use of THC and other drugs. CBD has contrasting and often opposite effects to THC on the endogenous cannabinoid system. The THC binds to specific brain receptors that influence reaction time, memory, and movement. CBD blocks the brain’s receptors from binding which may explain how it helps to decrease dependency.

More research is needed to explore and understand the relationship between THC, CBD, and brain receptors. While the study noted in this article suggests prescription grade CBD could offer a novel treatment, its unclear which doses might be most effective. 





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