CBD Comprehensive Guide


CBD Naturally is a CBD Comprehensive Guide Written for the Layman Minus the Hype

By Randy Moore

Millions of adults are consuming products with CBD oil each. That includes items sold online, as well as in stores, clinics, hair salons, convenience stores, and gas stations. Unfortunately, the widespread availability of CBD doesn’t address issues related to its efficacy, quality, potency, proper serving size, and legal questions. Consumers are on their own in navigating through the hope, hype and misinformation regarding CBD. Thus the need for a well researched CBD comprehensive guide.

I met Ty Wilkinson last year. He’s the owner of Natural Wellness Organics in Osprey. I was impressed with his background in agriculture, biology and business development. Ty became an advocate of CBD when it helped him find relief from back pain. He now grows his own hemp in Oregon which is used to create a dozen premium products featuring broad-spectrum and THC-free CBD.

Ty and I discussed the lack of factual information about CBD and especially the correlation between research findings and specific health conditions. Our conversation led to a decision to write a comprehensive eBook about CBD. The new eBook titled CBD Naturally is now available at NaturalWellnessOrganics.com.

CBD Naturally answers commonly asked questions and it provides readers with detailed information about CBD research findings associated with more than 40 health conditions. The areas covered includes How CBD works, guidelines for taking it, CBD and pets, and details about research related to many health conditions. Our goal was to develop the best eBook about CBD available today minus the hype. Mission accomplished with this exclusive CBD comprehensive guide!

Writing CBD Naturally required a lot of research and it was an eye-opener on many levels. Some of the best research in the world has taken place overseas since CBD was discounted for many years in the U.S. because of its association with THC (sister compound). Thanks to changes in public perceptions, more clinical trials involving CBD and humans are now underway.

CBD is providing value and relief to many adults. In making your own assessment of various CBD products, focus on how they are processed and their specific ingredients as substantiated by third-party lab testing. Ignore the wild claims and people twirling signs on the sidewalk. Your health is too important. Doing your homework just got easier with CBD Naturally.

CBD Naturally is available at no cost at NaturalWellnessOrganics.com. The company partners with clinical and business professionals to provide CBD to their patients, clients or customers. Please call 941-584-9840 to get your CBD comprehensive guide or for more information..




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