Finally, cooking with CBD (Cannabidiol) oil has come out of the various shows on streaming services and into our kitchens. With legalization seeing the light of day in many states, people are open about incorporating CBD into their cuisine.

The laundry list of health benefits that CBD oil shows in certain studies also encourages a new generation of cooks to approach cooking holistically. CBD oil is said to help with nausea, insomnia, inflammation, stress, and anxiety.

CBD oil is the naturally occurring chemical compound in the flowers and leaves of cannabis plants. Research shows CBD doesn’t have a psychoactive high caused by consumption of THC.

CBD has been popularly available through nibbles and small sweets, but more people have begun to add it to their food after diversification. Even the WHO has found that CBD usage doesn’t bring upon any dependence issues. CBD is said to reduce a calming effect upon consumption.

Here are some of the ways you can incorporate CBD into your food preparation.

Use Fat
Cannabinoids bind well with fats (fat-soluble); hence infuse you can infuse CBD into a fat-based ingredient such as butter, ghee, or coconut oil.

Avoid Heat
Avoid using CBD oil in the preparation of food that requires high temperatures. Never expose the oil to direct heat, as that can make it lose its potency. Hence it is best to use CBD oil as a dressing agent over toast, pasta, or salads.

Not Too Much
Although CBD oil doesn’t produce the non-psychoactive high associated with THC consumption, care should be taken to start with a small dose to test one’s propensity towards it. Be careful about not consuming CBD with alcohol, although CBD cocktails might be a good idea under careful measurement.

Be Patient
Most newbies probably overlook this. The effects of CBD take time to sink as the food has to go through the process of reaching your gut, passing through it, and then the liver before it can reach the bloodstream, where the effects start to come in. Hence, one should know that CBD oil is not as potent when it is consumed through food.

Summer recipe
With summer around the corner, why not try and cool down with some chilling CBD drink?

Here is one: CBD Mango Smoothie.

It is easy to make and gives cannabis the delicious touch it needs. Use 1,000 milligrams of Natural Wellness Organics THC-free CBD Oil Tinctures for that smooth mid-afternoon siesta vibes.

1 mango – peel it, chop it
1 banana – peel it (obviously), chop it
1-inch ginger – finely grated
½ a cup unsweetened coconut water
½ tsp turmeric powder
½ tsp. of Natural Wellness Organics THC-free CBD Oil Tinctures
salt to taste

Make a mango puree, and mix it with banana, ginger, coconut water, turmeric, salt, and your favorite CBD oil. Add ice to the mixture and blend it until smooth. Serve chilled and take the rest of the day off.