Be it the pandemic or not, hectic schedules are common for all of us, impacting our body. Doctors recommend a healthy diet, regular exercise, and meditation to combat stress and keep our bodies and minds healthy. Is CBD Oil something to consider using along with those recommendations? Would CBD Oil affect your exercise routine?

When to consume CBD – Before or After Workout?


CBD Before Workout
A study has shown that taking CBD before a workout lowers stress, helping people focus more. CBD eases anxiety and lowers blood pressure and heart rate when consumed before a workout. This may not be the case with individuals who work out without consuming CBD beforehand. Some individuals have also claimed that it helps with pain management as it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD Post Workout
CBD can also be consumed post-workout as it is a natural substance with no side effects or performance-enhancing elements. Thus, athletes use it for relaxed sleep, muscle recovery, and pain relief. Its anti-inflammatory property helps in relaxing muscles.

If you want relief from pain post-workout, then consume CBD right before exercising. You will feel the benefits as soon as the training is over because CBD flows in your bloodstream. However, if you want to experience CBD’s effects before a workout, consume CBD half an hour before exercising. By the time you warm up, CBD will start doing its job.

Remember, each CBD product acts differently inside your body. For example, edibles are slower than tincture. This is because edibles first enter the digestive tract, break down and then go to the bloodstream; the whole process takes at least an hour. On the other hand, CBD oil drops enter the bloodstream, directly bypassing the digestive tract. Thus, the results can be seen in 15-20 minutes.


Benefits of Consuming CBD Before and After Workout Sessions


Muscle Relaxation
Workout sessions involve certain poses that cause muscles soreness and bones. CBD oil or edibles help in healing this pain and soreness faster.

Increases Focus
Exercise, yoga, and meditation require a person to focus and concentrate. If you’re anxious or unstable, then all your efforts go in vain. Consuming CBD before any workout session keeps your body calm and focused. Relaxed muscles help in balancing the body and weight.

First-time consumers should always start with a minimum dosage to understand their tolerance. It is a natural ingredient that contains no major side effects, but do not use it before or after exercise until you understand your tolerance level.

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