CBD Product Variety Meets Public Demand

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CBD Product Variety Meets Public Demand

CBD is growing in popularity because of its potential for helping people feel healthier and more balanced. The public is also responding to the wide variety of products that contain CBD oil. Some of the most popular CBD products include skin salves, softgels, tinctures, and edibles like flavored gummies. CBD products for pets include tinctures for both dogs and cats and CBD-infused dog treats. Tinctures refers to a concentrated herbal extract that allow the active ingredients of the hemp plant to be consumed easier in liquid form.

Most CBD companies like Natural Wellness Organics located in Osprey, Florida develop and sell the most popular CBD products to meet public demand. Their line of THC-free CBD products provides adults with convenient options for enjoying CBD. That includes ingestion (softgels and gummies), sublingual (tinctures), and absorption (skin creams). 

CBD product companies use different words for describing similar products. For example, CBD skin-friendly products can be referred to as a cream, salve, balm, or lotion. Regardless of the name, CBD for cosmetic use has potential for supporting healthy skin because CBD has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and analgesic properties. 

Following are some of the less familiar CBD products available today. You can learn more about these products online and that includes reading reviews from customers.

CBD Hair Products
This includes CBD-infused shampoo and conditioner.  

CBD Chewing Gum
This is one of the newer products available through Natural Wellness Organics in Osprey, Florida. They sell packages of their THC-free mint-flavored gum with 8 tablets each. Each tablet has 10mg of CBD. Professional golfers enjoy CBD infused chewing gum at pro tour events and during practice and this is another example of CBD product variety offered by us. 

Smokable CBD Flower
Also known as pre-rolls, smokable CBD refers to the dried flower from the hemp plant. The key benefit is that the natural flower preserves hundreds of chemical compounds (terpenes) that are part of the plant.

CBD Pouches
It’s like chewing tobacco with the addition of herbs and vitamins and zero nicotine.

CBD Drinks
Some of the applications for water-soluble CBD drinks include water, wine, beer, tea, coffee, soda, cocktails, and even hot chocolate.

CBD Vapes
This involves inhaling a vaporized liquid that contains CBD oil thru a vaporizer (vape pen or electronic cigarette). Vaping CBD is a healthier option than smoking cigarettes because the lower temperature means less harmful substances are released into the lungs and circulation system. 

CBD Suppositories
This might be the most unexpected product, but its highly efficient in terms of bioavailability. This refers to the amount of CBD that enters the circulation when introduced into the body.  

Here are a few other unique CBD products: CBD Sublingual Strips, CBD Pillow, CBD Nasal Spray, CBD Slow-Release Patches, and CBD Seeds. Whatever products appeal to you, be sure to do your homework and that includes verifying the specific ingredients and third party lab testing. 

Natural Wellness Organics recommends that adult consumers do their homework about various CBD companies and the CBD product variety they offer. That’s easier than ever with websites providing helpful background information that supports sales, service and public education.




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