CBD or Cannabidiol has become quite popular over the last few years. A number of people are knowledgeable about it while others may be curious to know more about it and its advantages and disadvantages. However, as it is a new thing for many people that don’t have any knowledge about CBD, they can fall into misconceptions or myths about it without doing any research.

We are pretty sure every person reading this must have heard of at least one myth about CBD, and myths can even be harmful sometimes. So, if you wish to know about the real effects of CBD on humans, continue reading and educating people the next time you hear a myth.

Myth 1. It isn’t scientifically proven that CBD helps cure health complications

As CBD is a new health product in recent years and many people do not know about it, they say that it doesn’t cure health conditions, and there is no scientific proof. Even some scientists say that it is not yet confirmed that it can help with diseases. But that is just not correct as recently, the Food and Drug Administration has approved a CBD-based medication called “Epidolex” that helps with seizure disorders. As per the data, Epidolex is the first CBD-based medication to get approved for clinical use. Initially, even the FDA assumed it to be of no use, but after analyzing positive results, they approved it. Thus, it is clear that CBD can cure certain health conditions.

Myth 2. It hasn’t been researched properly as it comes under Schedule 1 narcotic

Being a Schedule 1 drug, it isn’t easy to be researched, but many universities in the U.S. are approved for its research. Anyone can review the research by these universities. Columbia University researched the use of CBD in treating brain tumors, specifically the cancerous ones called Glioblastoma. The usual treatment can be quite expensive and harmful for the body’s normal cells. In the research, it has been found that CBD weakens the cancerous cell proliferation process without affecting the non-cancerous cells.

Not just the U.S., even some other countries, including Israel, the U.K., Italy, and Brazil, found significant effects of CBD in curing various diseases such as ulcerative colitis, cancer, and mental disorders. Thus, the myth gets busted here.

Myth 3. Since CBD comes under Narcotics, it cannot be treating health issues

Pure CBD is a drug. Therefore, some people do not even think of it to treat diseases and health issues. However, even certain drugs, including hemp and morphine, are recommended by doctors and are completely legal for medicinal purposes. All CBD products are not used as medicine as only a certain amount can be used; even the FDA doesn’t approve CBD products other than Epidiolex. This is because Epidiolex does not contain 100% CBD. So, CBD is a narcotic only when it is completely pure.

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