Cannabidiol oil is getting hype these days. It has been used widely for helping to treat many health conditions, including anxiety, depression, and chronic heart diseases.

Although CBD has very few side effects and is generally considered safe, the question arises when taken along with other medications. It is crucial to understand how it reacts with pharmaceutical drugs and what drugs do not work along with CBD to be on the safe side.

*One should consult with a doctor before using CBD oil in conjunction with other medications.

How does CBD affect other drugs?
To digest anything that is consumed, the breakdown is a significant process. This breakdown is done by various enzymes present in our body; for example, proteins are broken down through proteolytic enzymes such as pepsin and trypsin, broken down by an enzyme named sucrase. Similarly, there are specific enzymes called cytochrome p450 that break down the drugs.

In some cases, it is seen that CBD interferes with these enzymes, and as a result, the medications do not work effectively. It has also been seen that when CBD is consumed with other medicines, CBD itself does not work effectively. These cases are mostly seen when CBD is taken when a person has specific medications for thyroid, heart rhythm, or diluting the blood. So, if you’re taking any of these medicines, it is essential to consult with your doctor to avoid any complications.

To resolve this issue, doctors focus on edible CBD as it is less likely to show side effects over the inhaled one. This is because inhaled CBD reaches higher concentrations faster than edible CBD.

Does the Age of the Consumer Matter?
In some cases, the age of the patient or consumer plays a significant role in determining the interaction of CBD with other medications. As the drug breakdown takes place through the enzymes of the liver and kidneys and the organs of older people work less effectively compared to younger people. Therefore, older age groups are at a higher risk of facing such complications while consuming CBD with drugs. It also depends on the number of drugs; there can be a teenager taking more medicines than someone in their 50s. Thus age may be a factor, but there are always some exceptional cases. It is important to check with a doctor first!

How To Avoid The Effects Of Drug Interactions?
The best way to avoid complications is by taking consultation from a health professional or a regular doctor who knows your health history. However, there are some simple methods to avoid CBD with drugs without doctor consultation. One such method is avoiding CBD if you are taking a medication with a grapefruit warning that says that grapefruit or juice should be avoided with that particular medication. This is because the chemicals present in grapefruit resemble CBD in their functioning, and therefore, this warning goes for CBD.

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