Anxiety and Depression are quite common among the present generation. Every day we come across these terms being used on social media, the news or sometimes even in our own families as well. Due to lifestyle and heavy workload, it has become customary to be stressed and anxious. The covid pandemic and our exposure to the screens of our digital devices are adding fuel to the fire.

Some stats:

  • According to John Hopkins Medicine an estimated 26% of Americans have a mental health issue each year.
  • Also, according to John Hopkins Medicine approximately 9.5% of American adults over 18 will suffer from depression each year.

The primary concern here is that these numbers are increasing exponentially. So, what is the solution for this? Do we have any medicine to cure these mental disorders? Well, yes, we have several medical solutions available; one of those solutions includes CBD. In this blog, we will throw some light on CBD and its importance in treating anxiety and other mental health issues.

CBD for Anxiety Relief:
CBD stands for Cannabidiol; this is extracted from Cannabis Sativa, the plant used to extract Marijuana. CBD is a natural medicine that can help alleviate various ailments. A major advantage of CBD is that it doesn’t cause intoxication or alter the mind. Therefore, it gives relief from the ailment without being psychoactive. The demand for CBD is increasing in the health and wellness industry because it is a one-stop solution for helping with the relief of various problems like pain, anxiety, appetite, seizures, and cancer.

CBD is best for treating mental disorders because it has a natural approach to it. Several studies have proved that CBD treats anxiety, insomnia, and depression effectively without causing any major side effects. It also works well for animals.

How CBD Works:
The human body consists of various kinds of receptors. The functioning of our brain depends majorly on them. CBD directly reacts with them and shows results. It affects CB1 and CB2; these lie in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system, respectively. Their interaction alters the level of serotonin.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for the mental condition of our body. A low level of Serotonin leads to depression and anxiety. The interaction of CBD with receptors increases the level of serotonin. And therefore, it lifts our mood, helping with anxiety and depression.

CBD for other mental disorders:
CBD can act on the brain signaling systems like endocannabinoid, which has raised the expectations of scientists. Researchers believe that CBD will have an equal effect on the treatment of neurological disorders. Several studies show the significance of CBD for treating Epilepsy, Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease. It is also proven that CBD improves the quality of life and helps in sleeping well.

Though research is still limited in this field, it is known that CBD can relieve ailments and improve the lifestyle drastically of those with mental health issues.