Keeping Your Dog Happy & Well

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Keeping Your Dog Happy & Well

The summer is here. Your pets also need a break just like you do. Living the dog life is not easy, you know. It is also true that they do keep looking up to you for the next new toy or treat you can give them. Why don’t you give them a treat that they will enjoy to the fullest?

Hear us out. Natural Wellness Organics has come up with our signature THC-free CBD Dog Treats. THC-free means that they are produced keeping in mind not to induce any psychoactive effect on your pets but to bring about a relaxing vibe.

These treats are designed to give your dog the vacation it deserves this summer, a pleasant journey with tasty chewables that are easy to digest and come with a tasty beefy flavor.

Our Love for Dogs

As dog lovers everywhere around the world would testify, dog owners need to find the best food for their pets. The experts at Natural Wellness Organics engineered these chewables out of natural organic CBD (or Cannabidiol) hemp oil.

The hemp oil is from a hemp farm we call home in the state of Oregon. This means that our products are full of homegrown flavor that your dog is sure to enjoy.

Each treat has 2mg of CBD and you get 30 pieces per pack. This means you don’t run out of the fun that your dog deserves. No more, do you need to see those puppy eyes as you will have a treat ready for them each time they need it. Don’t worry about how long the treats will last. They have been designed to have an 18-month shelf life.

Made From the Best

We love dogs and we love making treats for dogs more. Hence our natural, premium-grade product for dogs goes through a rigorous process of testing, through the broad spectrum, and lab-tested by a third-party lab so that you know that you can trust our genuine quality.

We take the utmost care to make sure that our products are completely devoid of heavy metals, lead, arsenic, or residual solvents. Our other products include soft gels, tinctures, valves, dog treats, soft gels with melatonin, and gummies.

Natural Wellness Organics CBD Dog Treats are easy to digest. This means that the relaxation that they can find in these treats will be smooth and takes the same amount of time it would take for a human.

Don’t just take our opinion. Buy a bottle of Natural Wellness Organics CBD Dog Treats and find out for yourself. Our products are put through intensive detailed research and tested in a comprehensive way and made sure all the highest standards in the industry are met.

Dog Owners Know Best

At the end of the day, you know what is best for your dog. Consult your dog’s veterinarian (we did while creating our product) and discuss in detail CBD products and their effects on animals.

Natural Wellness Organics doesn’t take the health of animals lightly. We made sure that our CBD products are made with the intention to best suit the needs of every dog. To know more, call us. We will be more than happy to inform you about our products and how they will help you and your pets.




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