Certificate of Quality Assurance and Third Party Lab Results

Each product has a lot number which is typically printed on the bottom or back of the product.  All lot numbers can be found below in each product category.  We test for quality, potency, and purity.

All of our THC-free products are made with the best possible ingredients, in GMP certified manufacturing facilities.  All of our hemp is grown and processed in the USA using organic farming standards.

Click the lot number to view the lab report

1500mg Mint Tincture
Lot Number-20LL122K12
Lot Number-1350-200331B
Lot Number-T018 – 2019-3
Lot Number-200331B – 2021-9
1000mg Mint Tincture
Lot Number-T043 – 2019-4
Lot Number-360 – 2019-3
Lot Number-361 – 2019-2
Lot Number-191216C

Lot Number-CMT900

1000mg Lemon Tincture
Lot Number-T016 – 2019-3
Lot Number-T327 6-2021
1000mg Orange Tincture
Lot Number- T041 2019-4
Lot Number- 406 – 2019-2
Lot Number- 20LL005K11
Lot Number- CTO900
250mg Salve Stick
Lot Number-0182020-2

Lot Number-9340A

1000mg 2oz Pain Salve
25mg Softgels (Everyday)
Lot Number-T023 – 2019-4
Lot Number-SG25T288
25mg Softgels + Melatonin
Lot Number-T336 – 2021-6
Lot Number-T009 – 2019-5
Lot Number-SG25MT272
25mg Softgels + Curcumin
Lot Number-2017601
Lot Number-T010 – 2019-3
Lot Number-SG25C-T223
500mg Natural Tincture
Lot Number-389 – 7/20
Lot Number-T039
500mg Mint Tincture
Lot Number-367 – 07/20
Lot Number-367-1-1  12-2018
500mg Lemon Tincture
500mg Orange Tincture
Lot Number-HTO500-T145
Lot Number-TO500-T019
10 MG Strawberry Lemonade Gummies
10mg CBD Infused Chewing Gum
Lot Number-MM1004J
Pet 1000mg Oil Tincture
Lot Number-T012
Lot Number-T085 – 2019-5
Pet Chews *Formerly "Dog Treats"
Lot Number-T339
Lot Number-T209
Lot Number-T037
Pet 500mg Oil Tincture
Lot Number-389 – 2019-3
Apple Gummy
Vape Pen Cartridge
Lab Results for Natural Wellness Organics CBD Products


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